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Want to transform your OSS and BSS workflows? Put them in a map.

This whitepaper dives into the current state of OSS and BSS and explores how telcos can use geo-spatial maps to handle the challenges posed by next-gen network construction, digital transformation and more.

To keep track of their many projects, telcos use OSS and BSS workflows. However, in most cases these platforms were created for a simpler time. As a consequence, they struggle to handle the sheer complexity of telecoms operations in the 5G era.

They’re too siloed. They don’t scale. They generate a tsunami of reports, files and applications.

What’s the answer?

To go back to basics, it’s geography. More specifically, geo-spatial maps.

Humans can take in a vast amount more information from looking at an image than reading lines of text. This is what makes a geo-spatial map the perfect tool for expressing complex ideas.

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