Vodafone signs as Ubuntu backer

07 FEB 2014

Vodafone Group became the latest member of the Ubuntu Carrier Advisor Group, although there has been no further detail on when smartphones powered by the platform will reach the market.

According to a statement from Ubuntu: “Vodafone Group will join national and multi-national carriers in decisions that influence the development of Ubuntu for smartphones.”

The first smartphone powered by the platform was initially slated for release late in 2013, which did not happen.

And a recent report suggests that the Ubuntu operating system is unlikely to be used by a top-tier vendor until 2015.

In December, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu commercial proposition, said that the company had signed the first deals which will see the platform launched in devices.

Announced last year, the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group is designed to enable operators to input into the development of the platform.

Its membership includes some significant players, including China Unicom and Verizon Wireless.

Founding members also include Deutsche Telekom, SK Telecom, Telstra, T-Mobile, Everything Everywhere and Telecom Italia.

Interestingly, the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group webpage also features the logo of 3 Group, the Hutchison Whampoa-owned international group, although no statement has been made with regard to this relationship.

  • tfosorcim

    Major breaking news: no one cares.

    Shuttleworth and Canonical are irrelevant.

    He has been beaten to the next-gen smartphone, the smart TV, and to “convergence”. The only thing no one has topped him on is horse-manure generation.

    Facts: schedule slippages from 2013, to 2014, to 2015…
    Shutleworth has signed up MAJOR will-not-be-named carriers, hardware manufacturers, chip suppliers, and manufacturing facilities. He keeps saying, and saying, and…

    Shuttleworth has been treated as a pariah by Intel, SteamOS, and most REAL Linux distributions, which will have nothing to do with him, or his looney-tunes ideas, such as spyware-on-the-desktop, developing his own windows manager, and now, developing his VERY OWN FILE SYSTEM. Shuttleworth has publicly stated that Ubuntu IS NOT LINUX, and he would prefer people to not refer to it as such. Looks like he’s doing his damndest to make this a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    He has no developers (the latest joke was asking his non-existent Ubuntu “community” to write the applications for his 2013/2014/2015/… Ubuntu Touch Future–WAY in the future–phone).
    Got that? the APPLICATIONS library for the FutureFone is to be written by a bunch of people who, if they even exist, know not one whit regarding software development. But it’s his only hope: most all good software developers, maintainers, and testers are gone,

    You keep right on giving Shuttleworth print space. You’ll follow him right into oblivion. In 2016.


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