Green Planet Episode 1: The Green Economy – Mobile World Live

Green Planet Episode 1: The Green Economy

14 JUL 2009

Governments and companies around the world are urging us to think about
the environment – and to act Green. Switch off the power. Use
energy-saving low-voltage lights. Recycle waste. Buy local products.
Reject over-packaging. Get a smaller, fuel-efficient car, Fly less and
let the train take the strain….

But what about ICT? What impact do the telecoms and IT industries have
on the environment and what role can ICT play in helping alleviate the

In Episode 1 of Green Planet, TelecomTV provides an overview of the
different elements of Sustainable ICT that will be explored in detail
throughout the rest of the series. Featuring leading scientists,
politicians and heads of industry from across the globe, Green Planet
is a timely and fascinating examination of issues and solutions that
will change the world.