Video: Ubuntu demos mobile OS

22 JAN 2013

Fresh from plans to push the Ubuntu operating system into the mobile market, the company behind the popular open-source computing OS shows Mobile World Live how the software will look on a smartphone.

  • I use ubuntu on my laptop and PC daily. While the left screen panel (icon panel) is very responsive for both, it seems – through the video demo – that it’s not really that responsive with the mobile version. Quite disappointing. It could be V bad feature ubuntu will likely face if they didn’t take the issue more seriously. Next, the layout is not that sexy compared to the other two mobile OS, really not IMHO. low-grade OS?

    • It’s still in alpha. This is an early developers build and not very suitable for everyday use.

  • kalibwana

    That looks like the classic ‘hidden functionality’ horror story interface. Everything has to be learned and although clean will leave novice users completely out in the cold. Let alone the apparent difficulty in accessing some of the menus, which the expert demonstrated. What a shame.