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Verifone, Samsung team up on mobile payments

14 JAN 2015

Samsung and Verifone have announced a heavyweight global partnership aimed at offering an Android-based mobile point-of-sale device and service to large retailers.

The move aims to enable retail staff to process customer payments more flexibly.

Using tablets and smartphones for payments has historically been more the preserve of small traders but Samsung and Verifone want to take the concept to bigger players.

While interest in mobile point-of-sale technology among large retailers has grown, adoption has been held back because of limited options for flexibility and integration into retailers’ back-end system, said the partners. Hence their current pitch.

The mobile point-of-sale market is a crowded one but many of the current players, such as Square, Amazon and PayPal, are aimed at smaller retailers, although Square has tried to expand its appeal to their larger peers.

This latest announcement intends to unite Verifone’s expertise in payments hardware with Samsung’s Android skills, as well as its capability with ruggedised tablets and consumer devices.

The initial offering — which will be introduced later this year — will feature a ruggedised Samsung Galaxy Tab Active tablet with an 8-inch screen.

Payment data will be protected by Verifone’s encryption, as well as Samsung’s Knox mobile device security.

The service will also have a number of connectivity options, including WiFi, Bluetooth and USB.

Payments of various types will be accepted, including EMV, NFC, beacons and traditional magnetic stripes.

Verifone will also provide a platform that will support retailers in offering value added services, as well as targeted marketing to shoppers inside or outside their stores.


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