US mobile bill payment small but rising – survey

US mobile bill payment small but rising – survey

28 JAN 2013

Bill payments via mobile devices still account for a relatively small percentage of bill payments in the US but the activity is on the rise, according to figures gathered by technology vendor Fiserv.

Eight percent of online households – equating to eight million households – paid at least one monthly bill via a mobile device, according to the survey – representing a small gain from 6 percent in 2011.

In addition, 3 percent of so-called infrequent and non-online users, who account for 720,000 households, use mobile bill payment.

Growth was particularly noticeable among smartphone users, where it increased by 41 percent over the course of the year.

Similarly, the take-up among tablet users was strong, noted Fiserv, where one in five paid bills via their devices.

Overall, the survey found US households are using multiple channels to pay various bills, including online payments, paper cheques sent in the post, walk-in payments and phone payments, as well as mobile payments made via an app or web browser.

Three out of four consumers use at least two methods each month, and more than 20 percent change their approach to bill payment from month to month, the survey found.


Richard Handford

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