Upsight embraces non-game devs with GeoTrigger

Upsight embraces non-game devs with GeoTrigger

10 JUL 2014

Upsight, the app marketing and analytics provider created by the merger of app promotion company PlayHaven and analytics player Kontagent, is looking to better address non-game app developers and marketers, as it launches the first product based on its combined analytics and marketing capabilities.

Speaking to Mobile World Live, Catherine Mylinh, GM of new markets for the company, said that with the beta of GeoTrigger, a location-based analytics and marketing tool, the company is focusing on “folks outside gaming”.

Brian Howell, Upsight’s chief marketing officer, explained that with PlayHaven and Kontagent’s background in gaming, the initial focus was on that sector.

The ratio of game versus non-game publishers is currently around 70:30, a figure that the company wants to shift in favour of non-game developers. GeoTrigger “really starts to move into that”, Howell noted.

The technology sits on the top of Upsight’s analytics and marketing technology and makes use of the Google Maps API to “make information actionable” for marketers.

It enables user engagement with campaigns based on location and use of specific apps. It does this by learning where users interact with them and enabling the creation of geo-fences to trigger marketing campaigns.

Mylinh said other products in the space don’t provide such in-depth data about how users interact with apps. The technology can be applied to numerous categories, such as dating, navigation and retail.

GeoTrigger is currently available in beta for iOS and Android developers.

Suggesting Upsight has lots of other products that make use of its combined analytics and marketing expertise in the pipeline, Mylinh said GeoTrigger “is just the tip of the iceberg for us”.

Upsight was formed in March this year, and by May had added 3,000 apps to its network, which took its reach to 700 million monthly active users. It tracked more than 500 billion events per month on 1.2 billion devices.

Speaking about Upsight’s progress in May, CEO Andy Yang told Mobile World Live: “App developers are flocking to Upsight because we offer a comprehensive platform that eliminates unnecessary SDK integrations and because they need a platform that can scale rapidly.”


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