SK Telecom launches fitness regime for mobile users

SK Telecom launches fitness regime for mobile users

27 MAR 2013

A joint venture backed by SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest mobile operator, has commercially launched a personalised health management service.

The service, which is called Health-On, involves a physical check-up for the user followed by the introduction of a diet and exercise programme. Initially the service is targeted at corporate users, followed by consumers in the second half of 2013.

User progress is monitored via a smartphone app and an activity tracker, which is worn around the wrist or clipped to a belt.

The app enables users to store data on calorie intake and record their level of physical activity, as well as set goals and view recommended exercise routines. And the tracker records steps and calculates how many calories have been burnt by the user.

Both offline and online health consultation is available for users.

The new service is offered by the Health Connect joint venture between SK Telecom and Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH). SNUH handles physical consultation with users.

Among the first customers of the service are SKT’s own 1,500 workers in their corporate headquarters.

The service offers three packages: Basic, Intensive and Leader. SK Telecom did not reveal package prices.

The basic service contains the smartphone app, activity tracker and a personalised webpage, as well as a monthly health lecture and a group exercise class at a fitness centre.

The other two packages take the basic offer and add more intensive, one-to-one fitness and nutrition support.

SK Telecom announced the imminent launch of Health-On at Mobile World Congress 2013 but has now provided more details.

The operator said a trial of the service last year with 30 of their own employees had produced positive results. The employees saw decreases in BMI (body mass index), weight and body fat.

Yook Tae-sun (pictured), Executive Vice President and Head of New Business Division at SK Telecom, also laid out some of the company’s future healthcare plans.

These include a service that helps patients with chronic illnesses better manage their conditions. The aim is to launch the service in 2015 although it will run a trial soon.


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