Vodafone UK claimed it had cut its direct carbon emissions by 92 per cent in the three years ending March 2023, crediting a shift to renewable power and investment in sustainability initiatives.

Its annual Carbon Reduction Plan report showed carbon emissions directly produced from its own operations each year had been reduced by 86,360 tonnes to 7,154 tonnes.

This is due to deployments of clean and renewable power sources at facilities including offices, retail outlets, data centres and network infrastructure, Vodafone stated.

Vodafone previously noted its entire European operations have been powered by renewable sources since July 2021, following long-term investments in solar and wind farms, and partnerships with energy companies.

The operator group also recently penned a power purchase agreement to use solar plants for its European units.

Among its green initiatives, Vodafone highlighted installation of 720 solar panels at one site in the UK, along with a “self-powering” mobile mast, which incorporates a wind turbine, solar panels and battery storage.

It also touted progress in deploying electric vehicles.

Additionally, Vodafone highlighted increased investment to improve its ESG reporting for indirect emissions associated with activities across its value chain, including logistics, manufacturing by suppliers and waste management from the customer side.