Verizon launched a portal to enable software developers to more easily integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based applications with the operator’s 5G network, part of a growing collaboration between the pair.

The operator plans to include more AWS nodes in its network: Thierry Sender, director of IoT and real-time enterprise product strategy at Verizon, explained its portal will target developers of ultra-low-latency applications including mobile gaming and telemedicine.

Verizon created ten mobile edge compute (MEC) locations, several of which are close to AWS cloud regions. Wavelength, the AWS platform designed for mobile operator networks, is installed at each MEC site.

Sender said the MEC locations are service aggregation points for Verizon, meaning they combine network traffic for major metropolitan areas.

Verizon worked “behind the scenes” with AWS to simplify the process of directing network traffic to AWS Wavelength Zones deployed at the MEC locations, Sender said.

“The developer doesn’t need to know any of the complexity of the network and compute integration that’s occurring in our space”, Sender explained. “They just choose their availability zone, choose their IP address and they’re off to the races”.

Verizon and AWS have also integrated Verizon’s 5G Edge MEC platform with AWS Outposts, modular deployments of its cloud services for deployment at or near enterprises’ location, enabling it to be used for private 5G networks.

Sender explained the moves enable services to run on public and private networks managed by Verizon.