Verizon moved to counter tariff shifts by rival T-Mobile US, ditching various unlimited plans in favour of two options focusing on customisation and flexibility.

In a statement, Verizon explained its myPlan options enable subscribers to select the features they want instead of signing up for one-size-fits-all offerings, with streaming options available for an additional $10 per month.

The two unlimited options available under myPlan replace Verizon’s Get More, Play More, Do More and Start 5G plans.

It is offering content options from Apple and Disney+, which also covers Hulu and ESPN+ programming, along with Verizon cloud storage and a loyalty programme from retailer Walmart.

The myPlan options are set to launch tomorrow (18 May) for new and existing customers.

Verizon’s latest Unlimited Plus option covers 5G access, mobile hotspot capabilities and price reductions for additional connected devices including smartwatches and tablets. Pricing begins at $80 for a single line.

The hotspot option is not available on the basic Unlimited Welcome tariff, which costs $65 for a single line.