Verizon stepped up efforts to combat robocalls by retooling an app to provide post-paid subscribers more options to handle spam communications or prevent them from reaching users’ devices entirely.

An updated free Call Filter app offers more control over caller ID, which Verizon noted will allow customers to know who is calling before deciding to answer.

Verizon previously implemented the STIR/SHAKEN authentication framework to reduce spoofed calls and verify the caller’s identity. Authentic communications are highlighted with a V symbol on phone displays, TVs, call logs and voicemail.

A paid-for variant of Call Filter priced $2.99 per month includes additional screening features.

Verizon stated it had also created lines on its network to “to identify and observe illegal robocall campaigns”, staking a claim to being the first to share this information with Industry Traceback Group to help in the association’s efforts to trace the origins of spam calls and notify relevant authorities.