Telefonica scored a deal to digitally transform the operations of Spanish winery Bodegas Borsao, providing the company with tools designed to optimise manufacturing processes and management of raw produce.

The project will be carried out through Telefonica Tech’s industrial automation company Geprom, which has developed an implementation plan to integrate a pair of industrial digitalisation systems for Bodegas Borsao.

Telefonica Tech stated the technology covers the combination of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Warehouse Management System (WMS), software which will allow the winery to better manage inventory, trace products from end-to-end, control stock in real time and remotely “monitor the maintenance of quality throughout the process”.

Telefonica Tech claimed digital transformation is one of the main challenges for Spanish wine companies based in rural areas in the country, which stands as the world’s third largest producer of the beverage.

Dario Cesena, CEO at Geprom, said the introduction of WMS and MES systems gives Bodegas Borsao “an unprecedented competitive advantage by having a global vision of the production process and the ability to make better decisions aimed at improving business planning”.

Bodegas Borsao owns more than 2,100 hectares of vineyards and has 375 winegrowers at their facility.