Telefonica outlined plans to renovate 300 of its main network buildings in Spain over the next three years to ensure the facilities run more efficiently and use less power, the latest move in an ongoing push around green technology.

The operator stated it had already commenced work to upgrade 117 buildings and the project will expand to cover 300 sites in total by 2026.

While the renovations are carried out, Telefonica stated it aims to minimise the impact on end users which may be caused by possible power outages.

The renovation project will include the deployment of a number of technological solutions designed to increase the energy efficiency of the buildings, while reducing costs, improving user experience and boosting security, Telefonica explained.

It is targeting soundproofing all technical rooms in buildings housing communication kit, increasing the capacity of current sites and deploying air conditioning to ensure proper functioning of equipment, in turn improving energy usage.

As an aside, Telefonica added it is carrying out an exercise to modernise and secure its fibre network, replacing its copper infrastructure. It said fibre reduces environmental impact compared with copper by up to 94 per cent in Spain.

Telefonica’s Spain unit has a target to reach net zero emissions in 2040.

In May 2022 it issued a sustainable bond of €1 billion, earmarking the cash for green initiatives and social projects.