T-Mobile US partnered with a university to build a digital campus providing advanced connectivity using its 5G Advanced Network Solutions (ANS) portfolio.

The partnership with Bradley University in the city of Peoria, Illinois marks the first time ANS will be deployed in a campus setting.

T-Mobile stated the university will tap a 5G hybrid mobile network to deliver new learning experiences and improved operational efficiencies through a digital campus initiative.

Over the coming months, the university plans to distribute iPads to students which will be equipped with unlimited data plans and hotspot capabilities.

T-Mobile emphasised the swift data rates and low-latency of the network, citing benefits in accessing lecture and class materials, and learning applications.

The digitally connected campus initiative will also include immersive classrooms, using mixed reality to instruct in the operation of machinery, telehealth technologies and AI.

T-Mobile stated Bradley University also plans to assess potential improvements to operational efficiency, which could include the use of sensor-based data analysis to automatically tackle malfunctions in areas including utilities.

Callie Field, president of T-Mobile Business Group, stated the university had identified more than 20 potential use cases covering learning and operations.

Bradley Magazine stated the value of the deal is more than $30 million.