Deutsche Telekom and subsidiary T-Mobile US claimed to have tackled a key pinch point in global IoT service provision with the launch of a unified platform for the enterprise sector.

The operators stated the combination of 5G with a single point-of-access for IoT connectivity, platform management and support will deliver benefits for enterprises operating across global boundaries.

Dubbed T-IoT, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile explained the product targets a market in which enterprises have needed to cobble together a patchwork of operator agreements to access multinational connectivity.

These have included different contracts, SLAs, management interfaces, customer support and payment models.

T-IoT’s worldwide network connectivity spans a range of technologies including NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE and 5G. The product offers a single procurement process covering contracts and billing, and global SLAs and customer support.

The service is available across 188 destinations on 383 networks in the US and Europe with pricing on a pay-per-data model or a choice of three flat-rate unlimited connectivity tiers.

T-IoT could deliver a welcome boost to a T-Mobile ambition to achieve a 20 per cent market share in the enterprise sector by 2025, a goal outlined by CEO Mike Sievert on the operator’s Q4 2021 earnings call earlier this month.