T-Mobile Netherlands rebranded to Odido, a move largely ending the use of legacy monikers and signalling the operator’s intention to make customer service the cornerstone of its strategy.

In a statement, the newly rebranded operator explained the T-Mobile and Tele2 names will all but disappear, for mobile customers at least.

Other brands Ben, Simpel and Tele2 Thuis are retained.

The company explained the rebrand aims to up the focus on customer service and new subscription services.

It aims to hook customers with promises of connecting to real agents rather than virtual, access to fibre services, unlimited data packages, and education programmes covering digital technology, among other strategies.

Odido CEO Soren Abildgaard said “technology is not central” for the company, explaining the “extent to which you can keep up with technology determines the extent to which you can keep up with the world”.

The operator stated it is “on its way to offering internet and TV services via fibre optic to more than 6 million households”.

CCO Tisha van Lammeren argued customer satisfaction in the telecoms industry “is many times lower than” other sectors.

“It is not as easy as it seems for customers, people are concerned about internet security, find unlimited internet or fibre optic expensive and calling customer service remains an inconvenience”.

The operator was acquired by a group of investors in a deal which closed in early 2022.