Qualcomm upped its play in the IoT sector, unveiling a pair of modems offering satellite connectivity, as it pressed for a front-running position in the non-terrestrial network sector.

Available immediately is the Qualcomm 9205S, which it explained offers connectivity with mobile and satellite networks along with GNSS compatibility for location services.

As the navigation feature suggests, the modem targets IoT sensors for products and goods in transit. Qualcomm cited tracking functions in transoceanic shipping, agriculture, global fleets; and supply chain management.

Qualcomm highlighted a simple upgrade path to provide satellite connectivity for devices running its previous 9205 modem, adding the latest model can enable “hub-type use cases through a highly-capable applications processor”.

The Qualcomm 212S modem, meanwhile, is set to be available later in the year. Like the 9205S, it conforms to relevant 3GPP Release-17 standards, though it differs by targeting stationary IoT devices used in fixed or remote locations.

Qualcomm stated the processor targets budget-conscious users, providing “only the essentials necessary for satellite communications and nothing more”.