Qualcomm claimed a downlink data rate record on sub-6GHz bands using a standalone (SA) 5G network configuration, four-channel carrier aggregation (4CA) and its Snapdragon X75 chipset.

It hit a download rate of 7.5Gb/s with 300MHz of spectrum using 4CA TDD in one downlink connection, along with 1024QAM.

Qualcomm stated the aggregation of four TDD channels allows operators to combine various spectrum assets to achieve higher data throughput.

With 1024QAM, spectral efficiency can be improved by adding more data in each transmission when compared with 256QAM, it stated.

Qualcomm stated 4CA TDD and 1024QAM are capabilities of its Snapdragon X75 chipset, which it pitches as a 5G-Advanced compatible product for fixed wireless access, private networks, smartphones, vehicles and industrial IoT.

The Snapdragon X75 is currently sampling, with commercial devices expected to launch in H2.