Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei (pictured) revealed the company redesigned more than 4,000 circuit boards and replaced more than 13,000 components from across its range since the US imposed restrictions on the company, South China Morning Post reported.

The newspaper detailed the contents of a speech by the executive published on 17 March but made last month, outlining its response to strict sanctions placed on the company.

This included the sourcing and development of Chinese alternatives to components it was no longer able to buy from US companies.

As part of a continued push to develop its own products, Zhengfei noted the company had spent around $23.8 billion on R&D in 2022.

Executives from Huawei and Chinese officials have been scathing of restrictions placed on US companies selling certain products to the company. The policy was imposed alongside a prolonged political campaign which saw some countries ban 5G network equipment on alleged security grounds.

However, Huawei claims to now be out of what rotating chairman Eric Xu described at the turn of 2023 as “crisis mode”.

In his new year message Xu noted the company would keep R&D investments high and cited growth areas including its cloud division, and other products and services aiding digital transformation of industries.