Google agreed to pay $39.9 million to Washington State to settle a lawsuit over its location tracking practices, the latest in a number of similar cases brought by authorities in the US.

Alongside the payment, Google signed up to measures around being transparent with consumers about use of data, including providing more detail on information collection and ensuring people notice information about location tracking.

In a statement announcing the settlement, the office of the state’s attorney general Bob Ferguson outlined accusations against the company, which included claims it “deceptively led consumers to believe that they have control over how Google collects and uses their location data”.

“In reality, consumers could not effectively prevent Google from collecting, storing and profiting from their location data,” it added.

Washington State investigated the issue alongside numerous other states, but filed an independent lawsuit against the company rather than pursuing action alongside other parts of the country.

Google settled a related case brought by 40 US states for $391.5 million in 2022, having already resolved a previous complaint related to location tracking with Arizona which cost the technology giant $85 million.