Dell’Oro Group reported RAN revenue declined at the fastest rate in nearly seven years in Q2, citing worsening market conditions in North America and high levels of inventory built up over the past two years to mitigate supply chain woes.

The research company stated the decline was bigger than expected, coming after growth flattened across 2022 and during Q1 2023.

VP Stefan Pongratz noted factors including data traffic patterns and challenges generating revenue from 5G also contributed to the decline, along with broader economic pressures.

Operators in North America have largely completed building 5G networks, a factor which also impacted leading vendors Ericsson and Nokia during the quarter

Dell’Oro ranked Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE and Samsung as the top-five RAN vendors in H1.

Huawei’s quarterly RAN share reached the highest level in three years, with Dell’Oro rating its revenue outside North America as matching the sum of Ericsson and Nokia’s sales.