The head of the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) talked up a new event partnership with ACA Connects, intended to foster the exchange of knowledge between mobile and cable operators.

Steven Berry told Mobile World Live ACA Connects (formerly the American Cable Association) for the first time will hold its regional member meeting at CCA’s annual convention this week, with a number of cable executives lined up to speak on CCA’s keynote stage.

“What we’re finding is many of our carriers also provide cable products, and many of their cable operators now provide either Wi-Fi or fixed wireless products. So the idea was, why don’t we come together and jointly provide information and exchange concerns, ideas and solutions.”

Berry said shared interests include policy, noting the CCA and ACA Connects in July joined forces on a proposal to open 370MHz of valuable mid-band spectrum between 3.7GHz and 4.2GHz (C-Band).

The executive said spectrum will be a key topic at the convention, with a focus on mmWave implementations and opportunities in the 3.5GHz band as commercial deployments near.

Also on the agenda are discussions on 5G for rural markets, cybersecurity and marketing strategy.

The convention kicks off today (16 September) in Rhode Island.