BT Business won a five year deal with the British Army to install a managed Wi-Fi service across 162 new sites, an agreement the company described as providing the foundation of so-called smart bases.

Its contract initially covers the army but has the potential to be expanded to sites used by other Ministry of Defence (MoD) arms including the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy.

The new deal under the “MOD Wi-Fi” umbrella expands on an existing pact the operator has with the defence organisation covering 200 sites across the UK, Cyprus, Germany.

Kit being installed in the new locations include a managed firewall, with the deal also involving delivering secure connectivity to all buildings on the bases including offices, hangars, training facilities, workshops and recreational spaces.

Over the next year, BT noted “smart bases” would begin being deployed comprising advanced surveillance equipment, intelligent building entry systems and technology to optimise energy consumption, as part of efforts towards net zero goals.

BT Business director of major government Ed Stainton said along with delivering secure Wi-Fi the contract will “lay the foundation for frontline commands to introduce smarter ways of working, unlocking the benefits of new technologies on MOD Wi-Fi that will provide efficiencies, enhance productivity and increase security”.