The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) gave its final green light to a proposed $69 billion purchase of VMware by Broadcom, adding to the list of regulators giving their blessings.

Explaining its decision, the CMA reiterated its earlier view there were no competition concerns resulting from the transaction, having conducted a two-stage probe on the proposal.

Since announcing its intent to buy VMware in May 2022, Broadcom has received the go-ahead from regulators representing the European Union, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, South Africa and Taiwan.

In a statement on the UK approval, Broadcom reiterated its belief the deal will close on 30 October.

It also argued there is “no legal impediment” to closing the deal in the US, because the period under which the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice make their judgements had expired.

The company added it “continues to work constructively with regulators in other jurisdictions and is in the advanced stages of the process toward obtaining the remaining required regulatory approvals”.

Broadcom claims the deal will “enhance competition in the cloud and benefit enterprise customers by giving them more choice and control over where they locate their workloads”.

In its assessment of the prospects of the deal, financial magazine Barron’s indicated the biggest remaining issue would likely be regulators in mainland China.