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Top 5 IoT Security Risks and Resolutions

The challenges to securing IoT solutions are significant but by no means insurmountable.

Organizations are often under pressure to get their IoT solution to market quickly, meaning security is sometimes an after-thought. While comprehensive security measures may delay release schedules and increase costs, failing to implement them is a false economy. It is much more expensive to try to secure the solution at a later stage – or to deal with the fallout of a breach.

A holistic approach is key. This isn’t easy given the variety of technology components involved in deploying IoT solutions, as well as lack of standardization. As different sensors, SIM types, software and networks are introduced, the effort required to maintain security through monitoring and patching increases.

Leading companies manage security as a strategic issue.

This whitepaper outlines how – by establishing the right policies and processes, deploying automation tools and working with expert partners – companies can ensure IoT security by design.

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