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Whitepaper: The telco opportunity in private 5G

Analysts believe enterprises globally will soon be spending billions of dollars a year on private 5G, with manufacturers and government agencies among the leading adopters. This whitepaper explains that organisations adopting private 5G are typically motivated by one of three different drivers:

1. Reliable connectivity, such as military units and remote industrial plants, in places where they cannot rely on a public network.
2. Very high levels of availability and/or ultra low latency. The user plane functions are right next to the application and the end-user in locations such as hospitals and manufacturing plants, for example.
3. Need a network that is dedicated to them. In this case, the organisation might use a virtual dedicated network over public 5G, as such propositions become available from mobile operators.

In some cases, the end-to-end system is managed by a telco, while in others an enterprise may harness capabilities and assets from a telco, a systems integrator and a cloud platform. Ideally, all the functions will be part of a single seamless solution, which can be configured to enable the enterprise to take as much or as little responsibility as it wants.

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