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The Best Foundations Are Versatile

Robust, Versatile, and Distributed Clouds Are the Platform of Choice for Future CSP Operations.

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are committed to the vision that the most valuable services in the future will be delivered with the simplicity and the agility of the cloud. While it takes time to implement this vision at broad scale, compelling evidence of their commitment abounds. For example, the entire architectural framework of the 5G network core is rooted in the principles of cloud-native design.

• As the implementation of core and edge 5G solutions is progressing, the use of container-based microservices and cloud-native architectures as the predominant framework for implementation of new software functionality is expanding

• CSPs clearly see their future as based in a cloud-native service delivery paradigm.

To learn more, download ACG Research’s Industry Direction Brief, “The Best Foundations are Versatile”

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