Telenor CEO: Regulatory balance essential for mobile broadband uptake

26 JUN 2013

LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE ASIA EXPO 2013: Jon Fredrik Baksaas, president and CEO of Telenor (pictured), said a balance needs to be struck between the up-front cost of spectrum and the ability for operators to deploy mobile broadband services.

In his keynote at Mobile Asia Expo, Baksaas said regulators need to balance competitive and pricing ambitions in order for mobile broadband services to flourish.

“If you strike the right balance you get rapid rollout and you get rapid pick up of service and you create a profitable industry sector,” he said, adding that the key factors in uptake of mobile broadband are market readiness, spectrum availability and a sustainable market structure.

Baksaas also outlined the benefits of greater mobile broadband penetration: “It’s well known that voice and SMS penetration is a driver for economic growth to happen, but it’s also known that if penetration of internet services can grow, it has a similar effect on GDP.”

He added that mobile broadband also provides clear benefits to individuals by linking them to online services.

“The benefits of connectivity have been proven in many markets already, so if we can drive this to 100 per cent usage there is a net benefit at individual level and national level,” the Telenor CEO said.


Tim Ferguson

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