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Irex introduces wireless e-book reader

Irex has launched a new e-reader in the US – the DR800SG – which will use Verizon Wireless’ 3G network for wireless connectivity.

Verizon Wireless cools on Palm Pre

CNet News reports that Verizon Wireless is reconsidering whether to begin offering Palm’s Pre (pictured) in January as many have anticipated.

Verizon Wireless plans simultaneous LTE launches

Verizon Wireless is planning to simultaneously switch on its new Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile network in the US next year in as many markets as possible, according to Tony Melone, the firm’s senior vice-president and chief technology officer.

Verizon preps Android assault

Unstrung claims that US operator Verizon Wireless will launch three Android devices by early 2010. Although the launch of two devices is expected by the end of this year, the surprise package is a smartphone from a small, specialist player that’s expected to have the capability to act as a “MiFi” personal WiFi router, for when users are on the road.