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Nokia’s new American spirit could see it rise again

Nokia appears to be presenting itself in a much brasher way than its Finnish roots would suggest. Could this be what makes the company relevant again?

US users download most apps; Europeans prefer games, Asia goes for music

US smartphone users are the biggest downloaders of apps although the type of apps being regularly used by consumers varies considerably around world

Law firms explore BlackBerry outage lawsuits

US and Canadian law firms are looking into the possibility of consumer lawsuits against RIM following the three-day BlackBerry services outage last week

CTIA promotes consumer-friendly billing practices

US wireless trade association has published guidelines to help consumeras avoid unexpected charges

HTC loses initial patent challenge with Apple

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has rejected Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC’s patent infringement complaint …

Report: Huawei blocked from US LTE buildout

Huawei Technologies has been excluded from a US programme to deploy a nationwide emergency network, …