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South Africa

Is m-banking advancing access to basic banking services in South Africa?

Revisits the transactional banking market in South Africa using 2006 data to establish what difference m-banking offerings have made, or may make, to the access frontier in that country.

Measuring the Potential for Mobile Phone Banking

Published by: Africa is the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world. Over …

Branchless Banking: Testing remote access models for Southern African countries

Review of 30 models of remote access banking initiatives from around the world with the purpose of identifying models that might work in Southern Africa.

The Enabling Environment for Mobile Banking in Africa

Investigates emerging models and trajectories of development in m-payments and m-banking in the African context based in part on the analysis of circumstances in Kenya and South Africa.

Micro payment systems and their application to mobile networks

This case study examines the potential of microfinance in the Philippines and South Africa

Vodacom leads growth in South African WCDMA market

The number of South African WCDMA and HSPA connections surpassed the 1 million mark for the first time last year, establishing South Africa as comfortably the most mature market in Africa in terms of high-speed mobile networks.