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Nigeria: ChamsMobile partners Bancore, Skye Bank for m-payment service

(The Paypers) Nigeria-based information technology company ChamsMobile has entered a strategic agreement with local financial institutions Skye Bank and Bancore,…Read more:

Nigeria and cash

The biggest enemy in fighting poverty is physical cash. The fact that people living at the bottom end of the pyramid need to conduct their business with paper notes (and coins) is the main reason why they are often stuck there. That is why it is important to apply all means to change this – technology, business solutions and regulations.That is why I found a recent article interesting (Read here). According to this article, the Central bank announced a new cumulative limit to the withdrawal of c

Nigerian Mobile Date Firm

The Central Bank of Nigeria will not again extend the operational deadline for the 16 companies it has granted in-principle approval to offer mobile payments in the country …Read more:

Monitise launches m-payments service in Nigeria

(The Paypers) UK-based mobile banking and payment services provider Monitise and its partners in Nigeria have rolled out a mobile payments service in the country,…Read more:

Nigerian mobile payments landscape during 2011-2012

I received a lot of positive feedback on my previous blogs on the Nigerian mobile banking landscape. The e-mails and comments were very informative for me and I must thank readers for this. It was clear that a lot of attention is focused on this exciting market. I thought that I would try my hand at predicting what will happen in the next two years.The following realities should be taken into consideration when thinking about the future of the mobile money market as it relates to Nigeria:This is

Nigeria: Charge Anywhere, G-PAY introduce pilot program of m-payment service

(The Paypers) POS and electronic payment services provider Charge Anywhere has launched a pilot program of its new mobile payment platform in Nigeria.Read more:

Nigeria’s FirstBank Gets Nod To Offer Mobile Payment Services

The Central Bank of Nigeria earlier this month reportedly granted its approval to allow FirstBank Nigeria PLC to offer mobile-payment services in the East African country.Read more:

The mobile banking revolution: Nigerian style

Monitise was the first to announce to the world that they have received a provisional license from the Nigerian Central Bank. With a slick British PR company behind them, this was too big an opportunity not to make some noise about. (Read here). Being a listed company, the press release was factually very accurate.Soon, many press releases followed. The one trying to out-do the other in terms of the scope of services and the impact that it would have on Nigerian community. (Read here and here).

Observations on the Nigerian mobile payment licenses

Nigeria is without doubt one of the most vibrant and exciting markets that I know. With a huge population, rich in natural resources, a very high growth rate and almost no personal debt, this country is ready to surprise the world with what is possible. And more than any country this is mobile payment paradise. Consider that the country’s finances is well regulated, that many banks are very profitable and sound, yet a large percentage of the population do not have access to financial services. E

Niger to increase telecoms taxes

Reuters reports that the authorities in Niger are to impose new taxes on operators, in order to fund “anticipated record state spending.”