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Mobile Money Platforms show signs of delivering innovation

A new service called Ushindi Mobile is due to be launched in Kenya by entrepreneur Dr Lucas Njenga. The idea behind the service is to build on the mobile money platforms provided in Kenya to enable mobile payments. Without going into detail on the business model I wanted to draw attention to the much talked about strategic benefits of mobile money solutions. Whether Ushindi delivers what is needed in the market or it is another venture that does, what is clear is that by deploying mobile money

Mobile Signatures Whitepaper: Best Practises

Mobile Signature can carry legally valid identity information (qualified digital certificates) over a GSM network and provide that information to any authorised application. This document is a GSMA Whitepaper that introduces best practises on the imp

Mobile Remote Payments General Guidelines for Ecosystems White Paper

Published by: June 9, 2010 – Mobey Forum has released the market’s first comprehensive …

Case study: Mpay

Macalla Platform based direct top-up and payment services in Middle East

The Enabling Environment for Mobile Banking in Africa

Investigates emerging models and trajectories of development in m-payments and m-banking in the African context based in part on the analysis of circumstances in Kenya and South Africa.

Pay-Buy-Mobile status update

From Mobile World Congress 2010

Transaction Complete! NFC Solutions

The user demand for convenient and intelligent ways in which to make payments for goods and services using a mobile phone is creating exciting opportunities for those organisations that are part of the mobile payment ecosystem.