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Blaze Mobile launches new mobile wallet app for iPhone devices

(The Paypers) US mobile commerce and advertising company Blaze Mobile has rolled out the Blaze Mobile…Read more:

Indian Prepaid Card Operator Receives Mobile Wallet License

ItzCash Card has become India’s first multiservice prepaid company to receive a license from the country’s central bank to operate a mobile wallet, a spokesperson for the company said.Read more:

The need to feed the agents of mobile wallets

Making mobile banking deployments work is like connecting the dots in a big economic jigsaw puzzle. Only if all players in the complex eco-system win does mobile banking take off. If the economic benefit to key players are not clear, then they will not support the solution and it will go nowhere.In most deployments, agents and the agent-network are probably the most critical element for the whole thing to work. It is therefore absolutely essential that agents benefit from running the system. As

ViVOtech, DeviceFidelity team for smartphone mobile wallet solution

(The Paypers) ViVOtech, a US-based provider of NFC-enabled mobile payments, has joined forces with US-based…Read more:

Mobile wallet solutions are our top priority says PayPal boss

The company is to “develop software that transforms mobile phones and other devices into ‘digital wallets’ that consumers can use to buy merchandise, keep coupons and store loyalty program data.”Read more:

Mobile wallets enabled further financial products

The traction of mobile wallet solutions in a number of countries are now a reality. Millions of people that have not had access to financial services can now experience the benefits of rudimentary payment types. They can now send and receive money, purchase goods and have immediate access to information about their money. But this is not the end of the road. Other financial products that could previously not be delivered now becomes a possibility.Savings products are the most likely next applic

MMT: Catalysing the Mobile Money Market

Published by: GSM Association This paper provides an overview of the GSMA’s MMT programme, and …