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German new entrant inks Vantage Towers deal

Vodafone Group spin-off Vantage Towers signed fledgling German operator 1&1 to a long term agreement …

Blog: Why are rivals not worried by Rakuten strategy?

Japan new entrant Rakuten Mobile unveiled its long-awaited pricing plans ahead of a planned launch …

Loon stacks advisory board with mobile muscle

Former Verizon executive Marni Walden was one of three mobile experts to join a new …

Mobile Health in the Health Insurance Industry Sector

Kai-Lik Foh, Mobile Health Programme Manager, GSMA, March 2011

Mobile Health in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Kai-Lik Foh, Mobile Health Programme Manager, GSMA, March 2011

What operational metrics should an MNO monitor and manage?

Before a mobile money service can turn a profit, it must first be operationally healthy. …

How can MNOs ensure their tariff and commission models are well designed?

For a mobile money service to scale and achieve profitability, it’s critical to have well …

How can an MNO manage costs to achieve profitability?

When most people hear the phrase “to turn a profit, we need to manage our …

Cardless ATM transactions

International, multinetwork, multicurrency, multilingual service for obtaining cash at an ATM using a mobile phone.

GSMA regulatory framework for mobile money transfers

An introduction into payment regulation for mobile operators with little experience in payment regulation, including regulatory issues arising for mobile operators offering payment services such as mobile remittances.