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Qualcomm brings wireless health service to Europe

US vendor Qualcomm has launched its wireless health in Europe that enables data from medical devices to be made more easily available to patients, their carers and healthcare providers.

Pew survey: More than a half of smartphone users access health information

A new survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project has found that 52 percent of smartphone users in the US have looked up health or medical information on their handsets, compared to just six percent of non-smartphone users.

Age UK launches its own mobile handset

Leading charity Age UK has launched a basic handset targeted at older users, the latest organisation to target what has become an increasingly popular demographic for the mobile industry.

Hurricane Sandy highlights emergency role for medical apps

A number of reports have highlighted how medical apps have come to the fore as the emergency services in the US have responded to Hurricane Sandy. The Red Cross hurricane app emerged as one of the most popular downloads during the severe weather.

Webinar: How mobile services can benefit maternal and child health

A forthcoming webinar from the GSMA will highlight how mobile health can contribute to maternal and child health in the developing world where the risk of a maternal death is 1 in 31 compared to 1 in 4,300 in the developed world.

Pew survey: one fifth of self-trackers are using technology including apps

A forthcoming survey by Pew Internet will say that one fifth of those American adults who track their own health indicators such as blood pressure, blood sugar, headaches or sleep patterns use some piece of technology such as a mobile app, a device, a spreadsheet or a webisite.

France to use NFC in home care services

Inside Secure has been chosen by a partnership of French public bodies to introduce an NFC-based system to home care services in France.

Study: 2014 will be a big year for wearable devices

A new report from Juniper Research has predicted a value of more than US$1.5 billion on the wearable device market in 2014, up from US$800 million in 2012.

UK firm pushes for M2M standard

UK M2M vendor Neul has announced a new special interest group that it hopes will accelerate the adoption of Weightless, its proposed global standard for machine-to-machine communications over short to mid-range communications. Healthcare is one of the key markets considered for such services.

Telehealth can save about 188 a year per patient

The savings from telehealth, which can cover both mobile and fixed links to a patient, …