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Sprint signs as Tizen backer

US number-three Sprint became the first North American operator to sign up for the Tizen Association, a group intended to drive the of an open, Linux-based platform for smartphones, marrying the former MeeGo efforts of Intel and Nokia with the work of the LiMo Foundation.

Report: Samsung planning bada/Tizen unity

Samsung is reportedly planning to align its bada device platform with Tizen, the operating system being developed under the auspices of the Linux Foundation.

Tizen device platform launched

An alpha version of the new Linux-based Tizen device software platform has been launched

LiMo Foundation head talks up need for alternative app ecosystem

LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE ASIA CONGRESS 2011: Morgan Gillis, executive director of the LiMo Foundation, …

When the window of opportunity shuts

Is there still a role for the LiMo Foundation in the fast-changing device industry?

LiMo Foundation finalises LiMo 4 device classifications

The LiMo Foundation said that its board has “approved the four classes of devices that will initially underpin the commercial launch of  LiMo 4 devices in the market.”

LiMo Foundation allies with operator app initiative

Mobile Linux platform group the LiMo Foundation has sought to align itself with the recently established Wholesale Applications Community, claiming that both initiatives share “belief in true openness.”

Vodafone cans tailor-made LiMo phones

Vodafone has canned the development of a range of phones specifically tailored to support its Vodafone 360 social media and apps platform.

Where next for the LiMo Foundation?

The Linux-based platform is struggling to compete with its high-profile rivals

Three operators to launch LiMo phones this year

The LiMo Foundation, the promoter of the Linux-based smartphone platform, says that at least three major operators are on track to launch LiMo phones later this year.