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Mobile chip market to hot up in 2009

eWeek reports that analyst firm In-Stat expects the mobile processor market to see heightened competition in the second half of 2009, as x86 chip makers such as Intel and AMD continue to drive down power consumption and ARM vendors, including Freescale, Texas Instruments and Samsung, grow the performance of their processors by adding more cores.

Nokia enters the PC world with launch of netbook

Nokia today confirmed long-running speculation it is to enter the netbook space, unveiling its Windows-based Nokia Booklet 3G.

Intel outlook spurs chip activity

Intel outlook spurs chip activityThe Wall Street Journal reports that the market played host to robust activity in chip makers on Friday after Intel raised its forecast on third-quarter sales and Marvell Technology Group reported quarterly results that beat expectations.

Intel deal hinders Clearwire tech swap

WiMAX service provider Clearwire is unlikely to switch technology in the medium term because of an agreement with major WiMAX proponent, and one of its own investors, Intel.