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Smart Phones need Smart Operators

Smart Phones are here to stay and they will get smarter yet. Other data hungry devices will follow on. The mobile data revolution has arrived (at last). Of course it needed a new tariff structure from mobile operators alongside the new devices to really kick-start the revolution but no one can doubt that we have now entered the mobile data age. The all-you-can-eat data tariff plans proved to be essential if mobile operators were to entice customers to use data services and there can be no going

Is Europe losing its competitive edge in mobile? Innovation and the mobile wealth of nations.

The title is derived from the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith but also inspired by a recent post from Robert Scoble which said the Europe has been losing it’s competitive edge . There is an expression called .. ‘Maslow’s hammer’ which says that: ‘When the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail.’ In the case of Silicon Valley – that ‘hammer’ is Network effects i.e. Everything in the valley is about free, Long Tail, Twitter and Google etc etc et

Can Mobile Operators Bring the App Islands Together?

Mobile apps are hot, but are even the best half-baked? Many of today’s apps do a good job of tapping device capabilities, such as the iPhone’s accelerometer or the G1’s compass, but they don’t make full use of information held in the mobile networks, such as connection speed or location, or operator’s proven authentication, micro-billing and push messaging systems. By creating “application islands” that ignore the assets in the networks, the mobile industry “is missing the very thing that made

How to Avoid the Capacity Crunch

As more and more people use the mobile networks to access the Internet from smartphones, netbooks and laptops, a growing number of doom-mongers are warning that flat-rate data plans are unsustainable. They argue, with some justification, that operators are soon going to have to find new business models and sources of revenue to justify the investment in additional capacity and new technologies necessary to meet rising demand.How should operators go about this? First they need to calculate “the p

The Developer’s Dilemma: Standardisation or Differentiation?

The dilemma for developers: Should they create innovative native apps that take advantage of the unique features of a particular handset, such as the iPhone’s accelerometer, or produce more basic apps that will run across many different handsets? That might seem like a no-brainer given the collective failure of handset manufacturers to implement a standard Java run time environment, the fragmentation of Web run time platforms and the high sales levels achieved by some native apps for the iPhone.

Is RCS the Future of Mobile Messaging?

Another mobile world first in South Korea – the launch of the first cross-network services based on the Rich Communication Suite (RCS) specifications now being developed by the GSMA with the backing of many of the world’s leading equipment vendors and mobile operators.The commercial launch is significant because it will be the first real market test of whether the operator community can use the contacts lists in their customers’ phones as a launch pad for a new class of communications services d

MMS: A Picture of Health

Mobile data enthusiasts can take heart from the first quarter results from AT&T and Verizon. Even in the teeth of a severe recession, both the U.S.’s leading operators have reported strong growth in mobile data revenues.AT&T generated a 39% year-on-year increase in wireless data revenues to $3.2 billion, while Verizon Wireless’ data revenue in the first quarter was up 37% to $3.6 billion on a like-for-like basis. While the growing popularity of text messaging in the U.S. and the rising usage of