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EC: Europe needs to pull itself together on mobile money

The European Commission has just published a new green paper seeking views about the obstacles that are stopping further integration of the card, internet and mobile payments market.

Leak: EC document warns on fragmentation

The European Commission plans to launch a public consultation on mobile payments next month, according to the EurActiv website which specialises in EU-related news.

Politicians push for net neutrality

Telecoms ministers have called on the EC and pan-European group Body for European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) to monitor mobile operators to ensure that their traffic management policies do not compromise the principle of net neutrality.

EC seeking more info in Google/Motorola probe

The European Commission is reported to have asked for more information in its review of …

EC fears m-payment fragmentation in Europe, says leak

Europe risks a fragmented mobile payments market unless it improves areas such as interoperability, security and collaboration between leading players according to an internal European Commission document obtained by Bloomberg.

EC proposes broad roaming shake-up

The EC today presented a wide-ranging plan which would significantly change the business of providing roaming services to customers. Under the terms proposed, customers would be able to sign-up for a cheaper roaming tariff, separate from their national service contract, while using the same number. Operators and MVNOs would also be given the right to use other operators’ networks in the EU at regulated wholesale prices, to encourage more operators to compete in the roaming market.

Russia set to align with EU roaming regime

The European Commission is set for discussions with the Russian authorities which could see Russia’s operators falling in-line with the European roaming model, which will see costs fall by “many times,” RIA Novosti says.