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Qualcomm cleared of infringement in Broadcom patents case

A US federal appeals court ruled late last week that Qualcomm did not infringe a patent held by rival Broadcom involving technology that allows mobiles to save power, reports Dow Jones Newswires.

Broadcom claims Qualcomm’s licensing practices violate US law

Cellular News reports that Broadcom has fired yet another salvo in its ongoing patent battle with Qualcomm.

Broadcom launches 802.11n combo chip

Mobile chip vendor Broadcom has launched a new combination mobile chip that integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM connectivity.

Samsung to develop its own LTE, WiMAX chips

South Korean handset-vendor Samsung has begun developing its own mobile chips based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) and mobile WiMAX technology in a bid to reduce its reliance on external chip suppliers, a senior executive has confirmed.

Broadcom falls to US159M loss

Broadcom swung to a US$159.2 million loss in the fourth quarter as the chip maker took big charges for an acquisition and a write-down in a division’s value, reports Associated Press.

Broadcom adds multi-function chip support to Android

Chip-maker Broadcom has announced that the software that controls its Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM combination solution is now a standard component on Google’s Android platform, notes Cellular News, the first time the platform has included native support for a multi-functional mobile connectivity solution.

Qualcomm faces allegations from Korean regulators

Reuters reports that Qualcomm said yesterday that the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) had made allegations about the legality of its business practices, including rebates and discounts for its customers.

Court dismisses Broadcom complaint

A federal court has dismissed a Broadcom complaint against rival Qualcomm, the latest move in their long-standing battle over mobile phone technology patents, noted Reuters yesterday.

Qualcomm ends Broadcom case via US891M payout

Qualcomm has agreed to pay Broadcom US$891 million over the next four years in a settlement aimed at ending the long-running litigation between the two rival chip-makers.

Broadcom’s LTE strategy questioned

Unstrung is speculating on chip vendor Broadcom’s LTE strategy, noting that the company is starting to hire engineers to develop the proto-4G silicon.