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Blog: Survival of the Fitbit

It’s the dream for many technology start-ups to be eventually acquired by a huge player …

What is the point of the Nexus 4?

With competition so tough in the Android smartphone space, it is unclear what Google is hoping to achieve with its latest smartphone launch.

Adding 4G to the shopping list

The good people at EE yesterday let me visit one of their new flagship retail …

September’s smartphone goldrush

A glut of smartphones will be unveiled this month; no prizes for guessing which will dominate the headlines.

Onward and downward

Tough competition in the smartphone market has seen some high-profile names struggling.

A modicum of success

HP will have learned lessons from the failure of the TouchPad, but its second attempt at cracking the consumer tablet market is unlikely to make it a major player.

India seeks to atone for Spectrumgate

Spectrum auctions tend to be prosaic affairs. Not many warrant their own Wikipedia page. But …

Getting in on the BYOD act

The trend of workers wanting to use their personal devices as work tools – a …

Protecting consumers from the rise of the Trojan app

The growing popularity of apps has made them an attractive target for malware writers

Facebook’s mobile migraine

If you accept that we are in the midst of another tech bubble, then that …