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appMobi releases mobile web app debugging tool

Developer tools company appMobi has launched a free debugging tool for mobile apps and sites made using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.

appMobi offers free services for HTML5 developers

Developer tools company appMobi is offering HTML5 developers complete access to its products and cloud …

appMobi enables native app publishing for HTML5 developers

appMobi announced openBuild, a cloud service which allows developers to compile HTML5 code into a distributable hybrid app.

appMobi launches cross-platform app analytics service

Developer tools company appMobi has introduced a free cross-platform app store analytics service for apps …

appMobi hits 100 million hybrid HTML5 app starts

Hybrid apps built using appMobi’s HTML5 tools have been run by users more than 100 million times, with the technology now being used by more than 50,000 developers, the company said.

appMobi unveils “massively cross platform” HTML5 game

Developer tools company appMobi has launched what it claims to be the first massively cross platform game that has been developed using HTML5

appMobi details jqMobi 1.0 release

appMobi announced the public release of version one of jqMobi, its open-source HTML5 mobile app …

appMobi betas HTML5 games tools

Developer tools company appMobi announced a public beta of playMobi, which it describes as a cross-platform HTML5 based game development, deployment and monetisation SDK.

appMobi debuts high-performance HTML5 SDK

appMobi released a software development kit and detailed performance specs for its directCanvas technology, which …

appMobi launches mobile browser optimised for web apps

Mobile development tool and cloud services provider appMobi has launched the MobiUs web app browser which brings native app functionality to web apps and websites on iPhones or iPads