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The need to feed the agents of mobile wallets

Making mobile banking deployments work is like connecting the dots in a big economic jigsaw puzzle. Only if all players in the complex eco-system win does mobile banking take off. If the economic benefit to key players are not clear, then they will not support the solution and it will go nowhere.In most deployments, agents and the agent-network are probably the most critical element for the whole thing to work. It is therefore absolutely essential that agents benefit from running the system. As

Magento Launches Magento Mobile to Provide Fast, Feature-Rich Mobile Storefront Apps

“In this mobile era, winning brands must be ‘experience enablers,’” said Michele Scarano, Senior Web …

Magento rolls out Magento Mobile mobile platform

(The Paypers) Magento, a global e-commerce technology developer, has launched Magento Mobile, a new…Read more:

Virtual Conference Day 2, Session 3: When should an MFI consider being an agent in an m-banking system?

The conference is taking place right here on the blog, no registration is required. Just …

Can Pakistans flood victims find hope in mobile money?

By Maha Khan, GSMA Mobile Money for the Unbanked Pakistan is facing an enormous humanitarian …

Smart Activate 10,000 Hapinoy outlets as agents

Smart Money grows their agent network by 10,000 Hapinoy outlets to enable additional cash in and out facilities.

Getting the Agent Commission Model Right

By: Paul Leishman: August 20th, 2010 By now, most mobile money practitioners recognize that for …

Case study: Jawwal

New mobile services launched in Palestine

GSMA regulatory framework for mobile money transfers

An introduction into payment regulation for mobile operators with little experience in payment regulation, including regulatory issues arising for mobile operators offering payment services such as mobile remittances.

Money Orchard

Mobile Money doesn’t grow on trees, but maybe you should treat it like it does. Fruit crops take time to harvest and no amount of impatience makes them grow faster. Mobile Money is a hot topic but the pioneers have been doing it for a decade. It’s been said “We aren’t getting the uptake on mobile money services that we expected, we don’t know why but think it’s because having a bank account is too abstract an idea to be appealing. Instead we must concentrate on peer to peer services”. More suc