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Is Mobile Money Disruptive?

Mobile Money has traditionally targeted those the banks don’t want to bank. So should the banks feel threatened? This was this was the subject for Gavin Krugel’s talk at the Rio Mobile Money Summit. You can download his presentation here. And watch the video here. It’s best to have the two side by side. Please comment below.

Money Orchard

Mobile Money doesn’t grow on trees, but maybe you should treat it like it does. Fruit crops take time to harvest and no amount of impatience makes them grow faster. Mobile Money is a hot topic but the pioneers have been doing it for a decade. It’s been said “We aren’t getting the uptake on mobile money services that we expected, we don’t know why but think it’s because having a bank account is too abstract an idea to be appealing. Instead we must concentrate on peer to peer services”. More suc

What makes a Successful Mobile Money Implementation? Learnings from M-PESA in Kenya and Tanzania

This case study highlights the differences between the adoption rates of M-PESA in Kenya and Tanzania and highlights their different results.

A Case Study on GCASH

Building the ecosystem is the biggest challenge, but also the biggest opportunity,

Mobile Money for the Unbanked Annual Report 2010 iii

Section 2 of the Mobile Money for the Unbanked Annual Report 2010