T-Mobile US launches VoLTE a day before AT&T

T-Mobile US launches VoLTE a day before AT&T

23 MAY 2014

T-Mobile US looks to have pulled out all the stops to beat AT&T to the VoLTE punch. In a blog posting yesterday (22 May), Neville Ray, T-Mobile US CTO, congratulated his team on launching VoLTE in the Seattle area, one day before AT&T is due to start its VoLTE service.

VoLTE from T-Mobile US is available for existing customers using LG G Flex, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Light devices, although a software update is required.

And like the VoLTE platform which HKT is using in Hong Kong, T-Mobile takes advantage of eSRVCC (enhanced single radio voice call continuity) technology.

SRVCC enables call handover between LTE and 2G/3G networks, but the enhanced version has lower latency.

Other VoLTE features are much shorter call set-up times than conventional mobile, and the ability to maintain high-speed data connections when making voice calls.

HD voice is another VoLTE feature, which AT&T highlighted in its announcement last week, but Ray pointed out that T-Mobile US has been offering nationwide HD Voice since January 2013 – “something our competitors couldn’t do without VoLTE”.

Ray did not reveal where T-Mobile US would be launching VoLTE next, or which other devices the service would be available on.

AT&T said it would launch VoLTE in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Verizon Wireless and Sprint, the other two nationwide mobile operators in the US, have still to launch VoLTE.


Ken Wieland

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