T-Mobile US claims ‘first-of-a-kind’ M2M offer

T-Mobile US claims ‘first-of-a-kind’ M2M offer

19 FEB 2014

T-Mobile US launched a new tariff which eliminates roaming charges for M2M, starting with cross-border traffic to Canada.

And the US operator said its eSIM offer will be spread to additional countries throughout 2014.

T-Mobile US claims it is breaking the mould with its new tariff, which has potentially enormous cost savings for M2M customers.

A single truck criss-crossing the US-Canadian border could save $2,400 per year through the elimination of charges on cross-border mapping, video monitoring, email, fleet tracking, software and vehicle diagnostics, the operator said.

The operator also cited the new offer as a continuation of its disruptive ‘Uncarrier’ strategy designed to shake up the status quo in the mobile market.

“With eSIM, we’re showing how we’re different than our competitors. We’re bringing Uncarrier to the M2M space by doing what T-Mobile always does: putting our focus on the customer first through simplicity, transparency and cost,” said Drew Kelton, executive vice president, T-Mobile Business Markets.

eSIM can integrate into existing M2M solutions used by customers, said the operator. The product comes fully configured for use with multiple international operators.

T-Mobile US is also touting eSIM can be pre-built into existing connected products which simplifies inventory management, removes the need for SIM swapping and enables customers to be charged at local rates.


Richard Handford

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