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State of the Market on Integrated SIM (iSIM): Ready for Massive IoT?

The integrated SIM (iSIM) uses a dedicated isolated security enclave within the device’s chipset, resulting in a space-efficient and straight-forward to deploy SIM solution. This report describes the findings from an online survey of more than 750 respondents to understand market perceptions of Cellular IoT and Integrated SIM (iSIM) technology.

The key findings of the survey showed:

  • 79% of businesses adopting IoT technology and 77% of device makers are planning to leverage Cellular IoT within the next 18 months, signaling a significant acceleration for massive IoT.
  • 64% of the supplier ecosystem respondents are considering adopting iSIM technology in their IoT offering in the future, with rising demand for low cost and prepackaged solutions as enablers for speed to market.
  • The top three benefits of iSIM (as identified by the survey) reveal that the technology is ideally placed to support a wide range of battery-efficient applications/devices, increasingly constrained form factors (previously not possible due to their smaller size) and simpler device set up.

To find out more about the results of this survey, click here to download.