Sony set for limited Xperia Z2 stock at launch – reports

26 MAR 2014
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Sony said it is not expecting to meet demand for its recently unveiled flagship Xperia Z2, following earlier reports that it had stopped accepting pre-orders for the smartphone.

According to UK publication Mobile, the vendor said that while it is “expecting to deliver to all customers who have placed a pre-order through our key partners”, it does not expect to meet “the high demand across all our sales channels”.

The company did not state which of its sales channels it considers key, although the report notes that the device has picked up broad operator and retailer support in the UK.

It is also unclear how this will impact Xperia Z2 availability in other markets, but it seems unlikely that the supply constraints will be limited to one country.

Unusually, Sony stopped taking pre-orders for the smartphone after initially opening registrations.

  • Ari Ermawan

    It is also a sign that Sony is experiencing a higher than usual demand for its smartphone device.
    Sony Xperia Z2 is the new champion with massive spec defeating by the incumbent Samsung, making many people suddenly want Sony smartphones. The result : Shortage of Supply.
    1. FM Radio Hardware : Built-in.
    2. Speakers : Dual Channel (Stereo).
    3. Earphone : Premium (Noise Cancelling)
    4. RAM : 3GB.
    5. Waterproof : Level 8
    6. Battery : 3200 mAh
    7. Camera : 20.7 MP
    8. Product Finish : Premium
    In addition to the above 8, still there are 2 more welcome features from Sony Z2.
    9. SIM and Micro-SD card can be inserted or removed without the need to remove
    the backcover and battery.
    10. The position of both speakers are at the front, making it clearer to the
    owner rather than to others nearby.

    These are the specs that make Sony Z2 in such a high demand.


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